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Plant Services for Public Spaces

Plant Rental, Lease and Sales for Office Spaces, Lobbies and Plazas

The Rain Forest is ready to work with your designer and architect to develop your attractive and dramatic lobby or plaza. ¬†We’ll create the perfect event, seasonal or long-lasting space via the selection, installation and maintenance of the right plants and accessories. ¬†Plants and settings can be purchased, rented or leased, and we take care of everything including management and removal.

Interior and outdoor spaces decorated with living plants attract traffic and build a community feeling. Plants encourage interaction among people. Plants can unify a space, providing cohesion and grounding to an open area. Plants provide a welcoming feel to any area. Plants add life and warmth, and can be used to create a focal point. Plants can naturally divide or screen a space, giving people places to sit and talk quietly with a sense of privacy. Plants also reduce noise levels. Trees and plants provide desirable views, and invite people to pause for a moment of emotional recovery.

Call us today to set up your personal no-cost indoor or outdoor plant consultation.