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Plant Services for Office Environments

High Quality Indoor Plant Rental, Lease, Sales and Maintenance

The Rain Forest creates productive office environments with the natural beauty of plants.

Part of our human makeup is to enjoy the look and presence of plants. Plants are aesthetically pleasing. They soften sterile interiors, they create a focal point and they can be used to divide or screen areas. They bring the peacefulness of nature to a workplace.

Office plants make us feel better physically and mentally. Controlled experiments have demonstrated that the presence of office plants increases productivity and reduces absenteeism at work. Just as importantly, they have been shown to significantly improve the air quality inside buildings by absorbing toxins and raising humidity. Evidence shows that office plants help to reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome, caused by toxins, dry air and dust.

Office plants show that your company cares about the office environment, the health and well-being of your staff, and your corporate image.

Call us today to set up your personal no-cost consultation for plants for offices, lobbies and medical centers.